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Exciting shit, people
Such as the EP 'Art Is Theft' and interesting behind the scenes shoots of the band au naturel. Plus Deepstar TV!
Covid may be knocking DS around, but these bitches got teeth!
Stay tuned!

Deepstar Safari

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Deepstar Safari promo video from Der Hirsch, Nuremberg, March 2020.

TOP quality. The song is 'Blood Bank'.

The Model (kraftwerk cover)

We own no rights to this song. It is a cover. It is not used for commercial purposes. We only decided to cover this as Wolf wrote the best guitar riff but decided it was too similar to The Model to call his own, yet too fucking cool to abandon.

Deepstar Are


The Wolf


Queen Bee

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Our story

Deepstar Safari is the brainchild of former bassist Wolf who came to Nuremberg from England in 2015.

The Wolf started on bass young and played his first show in a dive rock bar in Torquay, England.


He moved to Bath and studied history and poetry. He graduated in 2014 with first class honours.

Wolf decided to move to Germany in summer 2015.

He went to a show in 2015 to see one of his heroes Mark Lanegan in Nuremberg's premier music venue 'Der Hirsch'. Wolf vowed to one day play that stage. Come March 2020 a version of Deepstar known then as 'DS2' blew the roof off. A respectable effort considering they were the underdogs. A few days later, Covid brought lockdown and the Deepstar train came screaming to a halt.

In his time, Wolf has worked with engineers and producers who themselves worked with David Bowie, Queen, Muse, Annie Lennox, Kim Deal, Ocean Colour Scene, Oasis, and more. The Wolf still uses production techniques learned from these notable contributors to rock music history.

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